How often does the world come to an end? One site lists 44 failed attempts and all before 1920! Add on the 1968/9 one, the 1982 one and the famous Y2K one and its like the Idols for the end of the world! and the winner is…

The problem with these predictions are the repercussions; deaths caused by wars and ‘religious’ groups out to purify themselves and the world before committing mass suicides with the aim of reaching the gates of ‘heaven’ well before everyone else (Ironic or hypocritical?) Since when does a suicide earn you a one way, 1st class ticket to the pearly gates?

The thing that irks me most is how we have successfully used this apparent end as a promotional tool: Jay Sean’s ‘Party like its 2012’, Jlo’s ‘Dance the night away’ and ofcourse ‘2012’ the movie… It seems the only people not making money from the holocaust are you and me.

I am worried that local store promos will soon read ‘2012 discounts, get 12% off all items in store now!’, ‘Beat the Armageddon buy now!’ or (borrowing from Whoopi; ‘i’ma-gettin-on my way to catch the lates sale’

Worse still our moral code will die: hint hint, the Y2K baby boom. Everyone in a hurry to meet the maker; stay sober, stay celibate and hang tight, everyone else… lets party like its 1999! 😛