Last night two men were in the yard, strolling at ease towards the back door when they met  with my brother (incidentally up and working on homework), got startled and ran, jumped the wall fence and headed for the hills. This morning we found all our stuff laid out on the lawn  ready for the taking because they actually have time to organize the loot as they rob you.

How much time do they have to clean you out then add insult to injury by showing you that in fact, they have the time to organize your property by their cash value? As if parting with that money in the first place was an inexpensive, not painful experience. And who are they to decide that the decoder has more value to you then the pocket watch 3 generations old?

If you have never been robbed, then you should know that after a break in, sleep does not come easy…to most. and you do not get over the feeling of being violated easily.

Life is already unfair, you do not always get what you want, and no matter how honest and faithful you are to your partner they still cheat on you, so why add the drama of working hard on gaining something only to get it stolen? Then having to deal with the pain of loss and the ‘the next time’ conversation you have with all the people similarly affected,

Thieves need to be beaten! pitch forked and spaded  hunted like wild animals and put to public shame. Let them get the emotional raw deal!