There is nothing like a natural disaster to bring the world together. The Tsunami/earthquake of Japan in March for example. Being a wealthy nation that invests vastly on the well being of its people, we we can rest assured that their combined efforts will get people back to stable (not normal) in no time.

I mean, the controls were there, Japan has been planning for natural disasters since the major Tsunami in 1896, they had it down: 6 foot high walls, an early warning system, even their buildings are earthquack proof. Yet, while we can commend the Japanese for being super organized, the thing I feel we should commend them on most, was the national minute of silence on Monday the 14th of April 2011.

Imagine, a nation wide tribute to the dead, a memorial for the masses, an international beacon of empathy and respect and a historical reminder that we are only human and that rich or poor, man or woman, friend or foe, all life is valuable.

Why then can we not take away another lesson in this? And this lesson is that not matter how mush power you command in life through money, influence or position, in the end our most precious commodity is time.