I have climbed up the metaphorical ladder to success, I grew up in my dad’s company, I went from cleaner to GM. I hold a position of power, I have the education, I got it all but I still feel like a mouse, my dad is no trump,  and I need a new lease on life.

Over the years I have made up excuses spanning from my education (or apparent lack there-off) to my earnings, I even promised myself that I would turn around the ship (that is the company) and make something of it before i go, but even I see the excuse in that statement.

I need to prove to myself more then anyone else that I can make it, people do this all the time, they get great jobs, move out, move countries, they take risks and create new families and comfort zones in their newly created world. I am in the middle of a personal chaos feuled by family, work and money and I just need a breather, I can see people making plans and progressing while my once fast climb is now a slow crawl up the same ladder i’ve been on since I was 16!

I feel like I am in a body in need of a shock awakening, someone call the doctor, this one needs a defibrillator!

Well here goes world… I have no real plan, no jobs lined up, no real way of making money. I am going into full survival mode.

Wish me luck