I tweeted once that ‘#if i ruled the world chocolate would not give you pimples’ i was referring to my blemish scarred face. My mother’s voice echoeing from a distance as I put the guilty treat in my mouth. I rub the side of my face and a portruding scar reminds me that bad things are soon to happen, hair follicles are being blocked bacteria orgies under the delicate surface that makes my skin are ensuring that the evidence will soon show. I throw the wrapper in the bin and ask my face for forgiveness, I hold my thighs and sigh, I ignore my belly and move on.

I have been on chocolate binges and chocolate fasts, nothing other then my level of satisfaction changes, the scars are a new development, is used to get pimples but never to the extend that I do now so something in my life had taken a tragic turn… and as life would have it the evidence is written all over my face (literally) therefore my tweet.

Fast forward a day and 4 research papers later, revelation hits- chocolate is good for your skin! It turns out the antioxidants contained in the cocoa help fight plaque, help reduce the risk of heart attacks and even protects your DNA! So why the link to acne? Change; change in time and diet has brougt the epedemic rise of pimples and blemished internationally due the preservatives in food, fats and other elements in our diets that were never there before and those darn food technologists have conditioned our taste buds to love the added sugar, condenced milk, that extra glass and a half of milk that makes chocolate… a pimple inducing treat.

Yet despite this, what rings out is that given the right source and the proper none acne inducing contents you have yourself a proper healthy treat. So the only challenge faced by modern cocoa loving individuals such as myself is to find a proper non adulterated source of the happy potion. But the key conclusion of this report is the confirmation that I indeed rule the world…