After the boxing, the pants, the boy-cut hair style, the 20-something male dress code; I am a girly girl; I wear make up, I do my nails, I wear heels and I love the occasional pretty dress. I am even looking for the prince charming, Dude, I am a hopeless romantic…I am a girly girl. I made up my mind to be on par with men because I was made to believe that this is a man’s world, should any man try to put me under, I have all these things backing me up but even I want a man have a plan.

If the world order comes to an end and we regress, suddenly we have to hunt for our food and literally fight for survival, I want the Will Smith from ‘I am legend’ to be the man I am with, hunter gatherer type man, I can cook, can this man kill? I want a farmer, can this man raise animals and till the land, I want the freaking Obama of men: a man who knows he can. And I want him fit as a fiddle, strong mentally and emotionally with leadership skills. I want him to be the Joseph of our days good-looking, (I mean Willy Monfret good looking) handsome inside and out, wise and in touch with God. I want ‘the prince of Persia’ witty and cunning.

But even with these qualities, is he a true man? What is the measure of a man? Is it how he makes his decisions? his character? how he handles a fight? how he gets out when he is cornered? How he handles his business? How he treats his women (past and present)? Is it how he relates to other men? Is it when older men respect him as a man?  Is it when he has children? Is it how he deals with the situation when he is faced with adversity?Is it a quantifiable thing? A measure-able quality? Can it be gauged? and when it boils down to the man, is it learned? Or are you born with it?

My father constantly complains that most men of today are so engrossed in technology and the modern society and have lost their attachment to culture, to their roots and real men do not exist anymore. He has observed this by the sheer nature of the level of ignorance men afford their women folk (sisters, mothers, wives, daughters and lovers) the way they react to other men forgetting rank and status and a complete disregard for the importance of their roles in society as leaders as men. It’s every ‘man’ for himself these days. Fatherless children, husband-less women with children… young lovers with older men… Are we women hopeless? Or is this turn the truth? Women really ruled the world before because the men were too busy thinking about themselves to care?