I was just thinking, love is a mental disorder, a form of dementia that gets people doing things, they would never do (when sane). The decisions we make for the people we love do not make sense at all, they are irrational and daring…and for the most part (stupid). I know a guy who left a great career in the UK for a teaching job in Botswana, in the name of love. But nothing beats the great feeling of love which incidentally is addictive.

Tattoos are also addictive, you start with one, you ink a design with meaning (to you) for the sake of having a permanent momento, a homage a memory or just to say ‘I love you’. In some cultures, they are your identity and a symbol of your status in life. Like I was saying, you start with one…20 tattoos later you are finding more and more symbols of meaning to put on your skin. Your skin suddenly becomes your public facebook profile page, your tweeter account or your canvas.

Then there is medicine: sucks to take, tastes foul (when its not cough syrup) a simple fix for a small problem, or a technical fix for a large problem at the end of the day it is a fix and interestingly enough…also addictive

So what do these things have in common? They all have some purpose but can be addictive. What am I trying to say? Just like gambling and drinking; love, tattoo and medicate responsibly.