Its just not right, I am where I am (I guess) because of decisions i made my youth. But at 19 when most people were contemplating leaving home on the well beaten path to adult hood via a distant university where they grew into the responsible and sensible human beings they were destined to be, I hid behind my folks in fear. I made a concious decision about how I was just not ready to leave home. Needless to say that did not stop looking for a university outside, what i did instead is pray that i would not meet the requirements…

Several years later, a GM at the parent’s, still living at home anddying to breakfree, I wonder how different my life would have been, the person i would have become and [perhaps how muchmore independent. would i have still wanted to be a doctor>? would i have been a double masters, would i have had a similar interest in boxing?

As my birthday rears its head round the corner of this week,i look back and wonder if the thoughts polluting the very fibre of my being are regrets or mere reflections of my life.

Today,having had the internet fail me; I am reminded once again that we spend too much of our time pondering on the here and now,the present and ourselves like life is this endless journey and death is a choice…Its not. RIP uncle Zaki