I just watched Thor… yes, I know I must be one of the few people left out there who only just watched the movie since it came out but a combination of being broke and an opportunistic birthday offering brought me here. So the reason behind this blog is the stud who played the hero; I mean they made him tall, blonde, blue-eyed, chiseled and all man, arrogant, tough and a leader… Did anyone notice the self-sacrifice scene?

Well that’s what I am talking about, real men are not like that…anymore. We all have the village stud, the Asterix of our day but he comes in the form of the main man at the gym, the quarterback at school, the debate champ, the class lead basically the star of the show but will he be anything like the hero? Will he really self-sacrifice? Will he really only kiss your hand when he kisses you goodbye especially when he’s looking at your lips? Or will he get everything right only to disappoint you at the climax?

Now many women that I have watched movies with react at certain moments in the movie and if you listen closely to the comments and watch them closely you will notice that they react at the moment the guy portrays the quality she loves most in a man; so if she has a foot fetish and they only show his bare feet in the middle of the movie, you’ll only get the comment on the guy then. For me, that quality is the smile.

When a man smiles at you…sincerely (gasp) those eyes suddenly smoulder at you, his pearly whites flash and when his lips thin out with the smile you can get the fullness or the thinness what ever suits you (I personally prefer full lips on a man) and finally the wrinkle at the corner of the eyes

But truth be told, movie studs are… Only in the movies! They do not exist in real life, even the actors that play them get amused by the quality of the characters. They are also polished I mean (Robert Pettison is not that hot in real life) I just want to stop hoping that I will meet that perfect man, the Thor guy and that he will ignore my obviously hot friends and fall for me. I know for sure that Mr. Right out there will at least have a killer smile and for all of you out there that one quality is the one thing you can be sure is waiting for you in your perfect man.