Ok, here is the deal: you and your man are at a gathering (never mind who your company is) the man pulls one of those embarrassing scenes or he just talks to some chick and you have jealousy issues. whatever the case he pulls one of those things you hate and will cause a fight; do you?

a) Tell the man off right there

b) Pull him aside or pass him the warning ‘secret code’ to stop what he is doing so that you can discuss this later?

Since I have never been in a relationship (worth noting) I am no expert and apparently should have no opinion but the thing is, it boils down to respect. Do you respect your partner and how do you show it? belittling your man by clearly pointing out his flaws in front of a crowd is NOT it and I think ‘personally’ that telling the man off in front of your people is disrespectful.

How do you expect people to react to him after you scold him bluntly? And what does that say about you? He may be a jerk to you in private but have you considered his private actions are the repercussions of a public tongue lashing? And what of the rather embarrassed crowd you performed for? How do they feel?

I just think that something are meant for the bedroom, respect the man and he will respect you. Show the man respect and people will respect you. Show each other respect and the community will respect you as a couple.

I had to put this out there, I’m just saying