I envy people who have found the one…and married them

This dating game is just so complex, you go through trial after trial untill you finally one that just fits. The problem with that is that the trials require the time and patience. Maybe the people of old were onto a good thing by either marrying the first person they fell for or having the whole affair arranged. So, if you showed interest in some person you were immediately betrothed then married, however if you took your time to meet this right person, your whole relationship was arranged and the finality of it made you have to make it work out.

The trial and error thing, in my opinion wastes time and I  for one am aging, I really envy the people who’ve gone through it all already, they have found the one and want to just get married. I feel sorry for them because if they want the whole 9 yards they have to wait for it but if they are simple folk like me then, they just get married (nice quick and easy).

The thing I envy most is that they have done it already, they took the plunge, they tied the knot and know its’ come hell or high water let’s make this work out’. The fights, the love moments,waking up together and all the other ugly bits and the part I envy the most;knowing you have someone to call your own.