I find that the one thing people need is MONEY. It’s not like I can establish a money making factory to meet people’s monitory needs [besides that would be illegal] perhaps another way would be providing people with great paying jobs with lots of benefits, flexi-hours and all the perks like travel and holiday packages [seems too ideal, unreal?].

In life we all want options and we want them presented to us in a format that we like, with a name attached to it that signifies wealth and stature something like Virgin or Coca-cola. But let’s admit that even with those brands a lot of work is required, great names have established themselves over years so that they can entice the best in the field to apply for their jobs openings, [so yeah, not just any Tom, Dick or Harry can get a place there] however I have tapped into a solutions with just as great a standing but whose name is tied with speculation but it is highly legal and the benefits are ideal, why do you think they have been here for so long?

No one else will hire you without any education or equally great work experience, but they will. No one will give you their trade secrets and backing, they will. No one will support you to grow personally and develop yourself so that you can realize your dreams after unlocking your potential, they thrive on that. The benefits are great, the recognition is wonderful they issue out badges!!!, the income…good and it gets better, the hours [would you believe flexi hours?] And your personal investment? 3 hrs a week and ~BWP500.00 initial buy in.

So why won’t people just do it? Because like I said… the name of the game is wrapped in speculation, quite frankly, I say just do it for the bottom line, the money.