So I have this great business idea and i’m thinking…’yeah it could work’; you know if I have all these elements put down, I am sure I can get this thing off the ground. The thing is, great ideas or not, one needs customers and in order to sell the idea to potential buyers, you got to be a potential buyer too.

If you are a designer, you have to wear your clothes, if you are a musician you got to listen to the music you play, if you are an artist (fine) you have to decorate your home with your own art pieces…so if you have this great business idea, you have to be a potential user of your product (whatever it is) because it is only when that you can sell the idea to others, generate interest in it, by identifying people just like you who would have an interest in using your product (more than once) or at least trying it. should be able to convince other non-users to give your product a trial simply by generating some interest in it.

By the way, people can detect skepticism and doubt, so you’d better be sure about your product and you’d better believe in its worth too.