God has a way of making subtle hints out of major situations through the various random quotes that tend to repeat but rarely sit to actually decipher. One such repeated mention is that of Exodus 14:18. As I am not familiar with the bible, the testaments or the texts the only sure thing I can mention about this is that it was first drawn from the time of Moses.

But let us consider how it is applicable today. The sins of the father fall way above the biblical mention listing blasphemy, and any of the other seven deadly sins or breaking the 10 commandments as the major sins for which the children will pay. Instead i shall draw your attention to current affairs:

Lets look at history and the environment for example: the 1700s and 1800s hundreds saw European settlers and explorers showing a keen interest in the world, setting sail to the east, west and south seeking raw material and minerals to enrich their lands. in the wake of their travels to the far and distant lands hoping to be the first to discover Gold, Diamonds, forestry and coal, they introduced religion, politics and invariably changes cultures, influenced beliefs and changed significantly the way of life of the people they encountered going as far as to say that the way they live is barbaric and in some instances completely breaking down the moral fibre and the very backbone of the societies they ‘invaded’

Today we see the results of these actions: excessive hunting of wild animals has led to extinction, segregation, casting, the introduction of social division through racism, loss of language,skills and relationships. we even go as far as to seek advice from non-personal sources like Tv and the internet where elders and parents were once the core of moral standing and foundation of societal norms. many of us strive to be at best a mock version of an original society that we have failed to notice that these same societies are borrowing from our now heavily diluted cultures.

The sins of our fathers have come back to bite us in the backside. Decisions our forefathers have made about everything from economy to environment have led the world to the unsettles position its sitting in today. so question is… ‘what do we do now?