I practically take no risks at all. (something I hope to change soon) I don’t live life ‘on the edge’, I do nothing risky as a matter of fact I don’t even go clubbing for fear that some drunk guy leaving the club will knock me or something? Yet I have just come to the realization that living life on the edge happens daily.

We’re so ignorant to the fact that life is like glass and that at any moment without notice it could break, you could die. People have died in their sleep, walking down the street, just breathing. Death is not limited to accidents, unfortunate events, illness and or murder. We live life on the edge daily and we take it for granted that we have started the day yet tomorrow may never come. You take the same straight and narrow path to work daily only this time, some random guy on a bike loses his balance next thing you know, your in the ditch bleeding to death.

The point I am making is that life might actually get better when we start realizing that today may be our last. And perhaps we should embrace the spontaneity that is life and realize that the excitement is right outside the door and if the excitement is right out side the door and just leaving the house is a risk then taking business risks is not that big a deal.