I like my mother am a firm believer that animals of all kinds were born and meant to be free (just like human beings and therefore pet ownership should be banned from our lives. I mean who said that cats and or dogs were less able to take care of themselves then say ‘lions’? Let them be free and you will see a whole other side of the animal instinct come to life.

this brings me to the subject of the new guest in my bedroom. this sad excuse of a being: a lazy, shedding furry beige and white striped pathetic excuse of a cat named ginger has happened upon my room and is driving me insane. the thing had been plotting to move into my space since it first came over and has since claimed my room as its territory.

It sheds everywhere and scratches the furniture. It demands that one of us (my niece, the pets owner or I) wake up in the middle of the night to open the door for its late night stints at the expense of my beauty sleep and makes this demand by doing the thing that is sure to make me rise from bed (scratch the bed or the couch). I notice it stares at me as if to question what I am doing in my own bedroom. The other night, the thing jumped on my bed risking a good kicking to wake me up.

Since its arrival I have been denied (other than my privacy) quality sleep and my peace of mind had been destroyed so mush so that when the cat moves I am sure to have to cleanse the aura of the bedroom to regain the Chi (che?) that once prevailed.

Did I mention that it sheds? It sheds so much that by some function of its shedding the fur has been found in all sorts of places including and not limited to my underwear and Gym bottle and don’t get me started on the dust, I had a white couch once…now the brown dirt covered excuse of furniture is all that remains.

It falls on me now to campaign the removal of the cat from my bedroom preferably by moving both it and its owner out of my house.