I got home last week to find my brown knit rug,  that sits at the foot of my bed, gone. I was disturbed by this development especially since no one announced any plans to assist with the sanitation in my room (which may I add is perfectly clean), neither was I informed upon my return that the rug was taken out. I noted the missing asset and walked to the crowd sitting and chatting heartily in the kitchen.

‘Um, so where exactly is my rug?’… Silence

Then every one started talking all at once, it turns out that the cat was at it again… apparently during the course of the day, this well fed and domesticated cat went hunting. It caught a rat and proceeded to dissect the thing in my room, on my rug! as if to say that the damage done was not enough, the cat then took a chunk of the rat’s head as if to claim victory over its kill, but its poncy self could not stomach the mess and blew chunks of the rat on the carpet.

So my niece and the caretaker took the rug out and ‘cleaned it’. My niece professed that she mopped the floor ten times to satisfy her sense of cleanliness (a rat was murdered and this was the post crime clean up). I found the rug outside drying from the patchy wet stains. As I heard this story being narrated I felt a sence of mixed feelings erupt, I was weighing my options: should I kill the cat, evict it or simply put it up  for adoption or should I thank it for tha ‘act of service’ after all the cat did kill a rat. At this point my  niece declared that she had disowned the thing and that she understood what would likely happen to the cat, she also said repeatedly to the cat that she had disowned it.

Settled, I answered ‘ok’. A gasp followed by a wave of silence filled the room. Everyone was surprised, they assumed that since I had no fond feelings for the cat, I would throw a fit and banter on about the cat and its disgusting habits in my bedroom, but to their utter disappointment I did not. Instead I simply declared that the cat did an act of service and I was thankful. (This is when my niece dished the details of the kill by the way, I think she was trying to rouse my anger hmmm).

Not that i would accept a repeat incident.