I have decided to start myself up with a project i have lovingly called, the I.M project. The notion of going solo is  scary as you are now the face, the forefront,the PR and the sales of your loving idea. I liken the ‘going solo’ concept to falling pregnant for the first time and the child within me is in the final stages of incubation.

I am afraid of the possible complications of the birth of this project and worse still the potential of it being a still  born.  The thing about it, is that I am the sole creator and therefore must breath the life into it, nurture and grow it into fruition.

Everone i have pitched the idea to has said that the idea is great but has not tried to buy the product. My price is fair (this i know from market research and general comments from the public) I see a vision and I am ready to make it happen. Yet as i write this, i am trying desperately to keep my wits about me and not loose faith in what i hope to achieve.

Now i must truly figure out at this point standing on the metaphorical edge of self realization and risk, about to take a dive into the world of self employed business what the true nature of success is and how it comes about. Where the risks lie and what to do should this project fail. And how to react should the project succeed