I gotta admit that I am pretty creative in my thinking. I start with a wing and end up with a 3 headed dragon and this is how I envision becoming a self-made millionaire will entail. Then when I start doing the ground work I realize that it’s actually hard work boot strapping. and that not all the doors will open up for you especially when you are starting up in a small economy being hit by recession.

People have not reached survival mode as yet because there is a clear set of individuals in the market with the moolah to spend on some luxury item like the one I intend on selling which suggests that there is a market i need to tap into.

So after several refusals and at least two inquiries  the pressure is on for me to perform before the market gets saturated. The problem with vibes is that they flow and the flow is fast in a small town with a limited market. I will need to keep things fresh yet simple for purposes of continuity and cutting expenses as well as maintaining the competitive edge.

Scary thought is that in a place where the market is small and easily saturated with pop up mock ups funded by people with money, you gotta stay ahead all the time and that is my mission at least for here and now.

So I failed with my first attempt and am trying for a second, I hope it works out.