ImageI started this blog shouting at the world about my life and the nuences contained within. I have bitterly complained in almost evry blog about everything from my Job to my relationship(s) and have come to the solid comclusion that readers of this blog mightsee me as a complainant constantly bashing at the world.

This next year 2012 ‘ A year of Positive and welcome changes made directly by me’ will see this blog dedicated to a weekly celebration of my life where i will in all honestly make a point of blogging about the happy and good things that have come to pass no matter how small. perhaps this new and positive outlook on life will make my life change for the better.

i shall try to send the universe a message; the message being that I am a happy soul and this is what i want, perhaps in doing so, i will achieve my deepest desires and goals…

so 2012… here’s to 52 ‘Happy’ Blogs about me