it’s a few minutes to 3am and I am writing this blog, the 1st ‘positive’ report of the year (one hopes). I shall thank this midnight run to the ‘free internet connection’ reminiscent of the world where your cellphone plays the role of a modem to your PC and the Internet service provided by your cellphone company offers a ‘free’ connection between 1 and 5am.

I remember the day I heard of this package I recall a conversation with my mother where is asked for whom this service was meant to cater and this image of a fetish obsessed individual flashed through my mind (Ahem), moving on.

this weeks events were based on some tough decisions I have had to make each one, a catch 22 situation where neither here nor there were the basis. I was literally between the Devil and the deep blue sea when I made those decisions but the turn of events may prove to my disadvantage (”,

The wedding I did not attend

A very good friend of mine got married on Friday in a beautiful reception held at a garden in Capetown. Given that this is the 1st week of the year, and we are still recovering from the shock of last year’s financial shock which left me in dept for 6 months, I opted to use my share of the travel expenses to pay off my debt while my sister (who is in a worse situation and is facing a summons) took her bit and went of the wedding.

The journey was a Long tiring one, ‘we’ at home stressed over the reports of trip which took almost 24HRS to conclude but ended up being the mind opening refresher my sister needed to start her year while I spent most of my day renovating the office having opted to settle my debt. all was ok until I saw a picture of my friend ‘the bride’  sharing a drink with her ‘new hubby’ while onlookers smiled that was emailed to me and I reminded myself that I stayed behind to ensure that my project took off, that I paid my debt and to ensure that I was here on time for the orientation on monday evening (this ride was iffy) yet my sister is on her way back and will arrive Sunday afternoon well in time for Monday’s orientation with a story and a refreshed start to her year. Then I realized that paying that debt did NOT make me happy or relieved or take a load off as i still owe the man a small balance on the debt. I did not get sign ups this week for Monday’s orientation and I feel like those people who were invited to my brother’s wedding but did not attend and we said that the event was not important enough for them to attend. so this brings me to the question, is the sinking sensation in my heart guilt or jealousy?

If I had a do over would I have made a similar decision? The answer is ‘No’, I would have packed my bags and gone to Capetown to attend my true friend’s wedding because she went to the ends of the world to accommodate me and i will NEVER get this opportunity again.

The bright side of the week

The sunny side of the street come to life in this portion of this blog. When faced with the question about the trip to attend this wedding (a wedding that shall never re-occur) I opted to pay a debt. In all honesty I was avoiding an attendee. I fought to have my way. my parents made their argument, they wanted me to get away and holiday for a while, see new sights and breathe maybe comeback fresh with new conviction knowing and they mentioned this, that I would  just be frustrated and depressed if I stayed. I was certain I knew what I wanted and pleaded for them to understand my needs and respect my decision.

I was so upset with them that I stood fast and refused to go. Then when my other friend asked me to drop my ‘pride and go’ i felt insulted and further argued against this trip. I was happy when my sister went and more so when I heard about the delays certain that I had saved myself from doom!!! And even more so when my parents let me keep my decision; that just took a load off  they usually force me to do something and give me the ‘ I told u so’ when they realize they were right to push me (DRAT), I was offered the opportunity to actually participate in a real boxing match in May pending of course much practice and preparation (and more money spending) and i have been promoting my boxing classes more than ever and came up with a name for my boxing gym.

Its been a productive week.