Another exciting project coming soon

The internship coordinator at Limkokwing University in Botswana walked into the office  asking us to take 2 of his interns in Sound Engineering for this semester. What has this got to do with me?

Well, I am the internship coordinator at the office, I set up the assignments, the training schedule, I do the assessments and I communicate with the training coordinator at the school. The internship coordinator at Limkokwing for the department of sound engineering likes our internship program and would like to recommend two of his bests students to take up internship with us. of course he used some of his muscle (the work relationship with the school) to persuade us to take them on which was a wasted effort because I am more than willing to influence a young mind and I have juicy interesting ideas however here  I am presented with yet another dilemma;

The dilemma

I am quitting my job. Technically I quit already; and I have been fired too (interesting fact about family businesses when you get fired and when you quit, you still go to work daily) when the going is good they do not want you, but when the going is bad, they need you and the pressure is on to make some decisions. I have also stumbled upon some opportunities and I still have that project (ahem) business I need to get on.

So the question at stands; shall I stay? Or shall I leave?

If I stay, I help the business out, risk another no income year, but I will have time to try to get some money in through my own business by making the decision to work on flexi time to chase my dreams. If I leave and get another job, I could try to save and hope that I can work my way up that proverbial ladder all the way to the top of someone else’s dream. (This is a clear statement of my feelings towards getting a job).

Tools and skills

What have I done up to date to make this lack of options available to me? With no social network at hand, no ‘real’ business partnerships seeing as people want to work with me when I can make them money but no one wants to work for me when they can make me money. Lets see?

I have the 2 masters but none of my work experience is in strategy (where I want to be ideally) and this is an intimidating fact at my age also a powerful tool if I use this wisely before I turn 30 (very important fact and a time limiting factor)

I am a blogger and I have 2 blogs of my own and a third I write for the company ( a great communicator indeed) and all I need is to launch the other one and discuss a niche topic that when the following is large may potentially draw in some income.

I am a science major and which is where my primary research skills came from and these are skills I can fall back on to help me run my business(es) not to mention a great photographer with some serious design skills

I have access to some great people but not the networking skills I need to access them and their powerful networks (the hole in the wall, the juice in the fruit, the fat cow that just needs milking)

So many great potentials all tied to me making another decision based on the outcome of the interview: to take a job offer suddenly fallen on my lap because I need the money, push my dreams aside for a year or take a risk and jump into the abyss of the unknown world of broke risk takers who make it.