Borrowed from that movie the first 20 millionis always the hardest (covert to the Pula equivalent of stated required wealth and using

Movie poster

NPV) I have concluded that the 1st Million Pula is the hardest to make hence all the business trouble I have undergone,  my success is that the business I am about to launch will gain me that million in the short run and since failure is the stepping stone to success… well the math is clear.

One thing I have kept in mind but failed to  implement is the advice I was given by my inspiration; a guy named Smith (Honest, that was his name). Smith said to me at the door of his succesful gym that I should keep my idea simple, the simpler the better and the more people will like to be involved with my simple better idea.

If I work my costs right, I plan my finances, I secure a good location, I find and negotiate rates with trainers and I conjure up a suitable price while keeping things simple, I could make this dream a reality. If I work in some management processes that keep the place running in my absence then as they say in local slang, ‘We are winning’.

Obviously the hurdle I am facing now is… the initial finance but that is a bridge I will only cross when I get to the river of financial requirements but first I need to journey through the land of costs.

I’m so excited!!!

Here goes millions, step one.