Between 0915 and 0930am

Being broke has its downfalls, mainly that you can’t buy anything if you do not have, money. So I have tried and failed twice with that one project and am moving onto the next only, I think I am doing things right this time; I am conducting a market survey to see if there is a market for my new offering, my target is 15 clients my potential turnover…?  600 min 33000 max!!! and it will all be mine if I get what I want, my problem? the motivation to make the calls…

I have made 13 calls; I have had 3 people ask me for the profile, 1 person was sent the profile in absentia of the call, 1 person was too busy to talk to me,  2 people were did not need it and 2 people did not want it and finally 4 people did not answer the phone. I have a whole new list of architects I had no idea that there were so many in the country 28 in Gaborone alone!!! so that’s 28 calls I have to make and I am not motivated to make even 1. But I NEED the money.

I have to admit, that the sole reason I do not want to do this, is the dread of the call; I made all the other 13 and they were dreadful, I see myself giving reasons why each number I looked up would not work out each one says ‘no’ or something, when all I need to do is determine a need and get them to agree to just see my profile; I am not selling anything as yet, this is the perfect approach to raising awareness. Cold calling and if I master this skill set, the next thing to do is sell. I only need 10 calls a day, by Thursday I will have reached my target of 28 architects, I have already tackles the Radio stations in Gabz (Geographical segmentation) I remember doing this for the compny and getting the appointments, meeting the people, why is it so hard to do it for me? 33000 is not a joke!!! And it would all be mine.

This is exactly how Richard Branson did it; one call at a time and setting a ten call target for the morning means that once its done and you’ve crossed the list off you have a sense of accomplishment, I see the psychology, I know the drill.

That's me and my coach, the pic was taken by Mikey S

1031am DONE!!!        ‘I love the bright side of things’

Ok, setting a target definitely helps and I feel different 🙂

This week it’s all about accomplishments, on Saturday I had my 1st run in with a fist during a sparring session (my first…ever), this great feeling of finally doing something makes me realize how fickle I am and how easy it is to please me, its like getting an A in an exam. all this time all I had to do was make some calls… really? And if I had done them at 8am, I would have been happier by 9am, had I done this last week…? who knows.

No wonder Richard Branson is the way he is… imagine when he made his first call? Everyday he must be thinking… yeah, I did this. The climb to greatness, makes you feel great while you climb. I see how it can get to your head though, because I am on a high.

<all smiles>