My whole life I have felt that people have been telling me what to do, how to act, how to react, to correct myself, my tone, where to hang out, what to eat and not to eat, who should and should not be my friends, what drinks I do and do not like, what clothes to wear and do not fit, what sports I should participate in, what programs to watch, what movies I will enjoy, what flavours are nice and that I will like, what my choice in colour means, what my life line is, how I should react to abuse and violence, where my ambitions should lie, what my strengths are, how I have it lucky, where  to  look for opportunities and finally how to pray.

I am sure this is a shared sentiment, you do get given unsolicited advice and some of it is an instruction (a means to sway you in the right direction). Everyday your actions brand you, and people look for opportunities for you because they know better. But what if… what if I knew better all along? What if I don’t and I make that mistake? What if, just what if I need to make that error to get me on the right track?

Today, I have decided to bury my dreams, all of them.. this crazy ambition of reaching a million on my 30th birthday. Everyone has a formula; some call it AMWAY, others read an inspiring book and juts do it, whatever the case I see a commonality in all the people who ‘succeed’ and that is

  • That they quit what they’ know’, and do what they want to do how they want to do it, that leads me to the other pattern of success,
  • Yes they took the advice of the guru but none of them, not one did the exact same thing! There is a difference between applying principles to your ideas and copying someone else’s
  • Finally, all of them, each one had a vision. They had no plan on how they would do it (at first), they just had an end result.

Why bury my dreams?

In the hope that the dreams I’ve had are actually seeds; maybe they need to germinate, maybe they need some water and soil nutrients to catch root and grow, maybe they need time. I am sure I have the formula, the ideas are there. I just know that there is a missing link and I am hoping that by burying the dreams… I’ll find it, either in the sprouts or hiding in the pit where I am digging

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