Another dilemma… this time it’s another friend’s wedding and a fight.

When I consider and weigh my options; the wedding of yet another friend whose wedding invite I fought for, hounded the man to get the invite and forced him to snail mail it to me only to be invited to a fight on the same day at the same time in another part of the country by my coach.

Selfishly I full at the strings of self-realization; if a become a great fighter or rather the sooner is start to gain skill, the sooner I get recognition, the sooner I can gain some sponsorship and get some cash rolling in. On the other hand, I really do not want to do this guilt trip thing again missing all my friend’s weddings. I am afraid of Karma in a bad way.

As I exchange intel with my coach trying to dot my Is’ and cross my Ts’ making sure I make a sound decision not an impulsive one like I made at the beginning of the year, I wonder desperately at what each decision might mean to me in the long run. The man will have 2 ceremonies, one I can make the other I cannot make for sure the venue being too far out-of-town for my car to handle the drive. But I can make a plan to transport myself right? be out by 7am and back by 8pm on the weekend of the 17th. Right now the poor and sad excuse I want to give is that I do not have a thoughtful wedding gift to take with me perhaps another week and I will get myself organized.. :’D?

On the other hand, my hands rub my cheeks in remembrance of the blows I took not too long ago by the very same opponent I am to fight on Saturday. This is a weak excuse.. I mean hello Boxers that’s what we do.

So it boils down to this:

  • Meet the coach and figure out what the deal is on Saturday,
  • Simultaneously call the groom’s organizers and get directions to the wedding venue, borrow money for a nice gift.

On the bright side…?
Well, my sister’s friend is entering a competition and has asked me to take some pro pics of her wears; this is by far the best pic I took in the whole collection other than a pic of her of course. I hope she succeeds because she seems to be my stepping stone to the photo art world 🙂

Plus I got paid!!!

I would like to say ‘Jadark Kuvan is one of my Key clients’

Ok so far my options look like this;

Fight and gain recognition, start building a fan base and a name for myself

Don’t fight and meet old friends, start building a social base and a name for myself

Take pics and become a famous photographer

Plus plus plus