2 weeks ago while I was trying to create a strategy to aid my company in re-establishing its base; I was called into the MD’s office and I was fired. It kinda stung, the MD is my Dad, the company is a family business. The advise he gave me as I sat at the door, head hung low putting on a brave front was ‘Go volunteer, it worked for the other girl, it might work for you’.

I did not realize until just now how disgruntled I am, this whole situation threw me off-guard. There I was making plans for the company and my dad decides to ‘save me’. One has to ask,

In a situation where you are a fish fresh out of water and the fisherman decides to give you a break and tosses you back in a pool full of sharks with a bleeding wound, what exactly are your chances of survival?

Scarred but weirdly happy, I took to the floor, packed my things and walked out; the subject of a dismissal had not yet sunk in, I told everyone that I had been dismissed and started making plans around my new unemployment status. Keeping with the theme of burying my dreams, I focussed on whether in the years I had spent in the company deciding if I should leave bust staying for my commitment to it, if I had achieved a preconceived goal. Had I reached a milestone and did I really accomplish anything there?

I looked at my climb to the top, m salary, my contributions to the company, and assessed if I had indeed made any improvements while I was there. Was I mature or did I mature there and how?

As my final week of work progressed, I Suddenly found I had so much free time to think: all the years and sacrifice I had put into the place investing my time and efforts into a company that culminated in a yr of all work and no pay and leaving me with no savings of any kind to invest in my interests made me wonder if I had made a mistake. I recall trying to quit a year earlier (almost to the date in fact) and being advised to stay on and secure other employment first (which did not work out). It also dawned on me that this was not the first time I had worked for ‘free’ the last time I did it, I came out with a paper in a local publication, a win-win situations. Will such a win-win situation arise this time?

When my mind was freed, I started to think strategy, ideas, things to do, when and how, where and what; I became alive, my time had come. The animal in me a giant dragon flapped its wings and I was ready to soar. I started to realize what my training had me telling me and why in all my years my mind had been blocked. I started reading and researching on everything.  And settled on two great Ideas to bring in some income as well as get me connected. Unfortunately it was going to work like every other business out there, research, leading to lead generation, leading to sales generation, leading to business income.

As I give my side face frown, I bid the old life Adieu and say A big scary hello to the new.