Saturday the 12th of May marked my birthday and as I step closer to 30 I figured that I’d challenge myself to break the boundaries that confine me. This year, I thought I’d turn with a metaphorical bang and orchestrate a ‘safe‘ streaking at my home.

I envisioned a set up where some of my closest friends and family would partake in a freeing experience, they’d drop their clothing at the door and make a run for it in my back yard, in the cold as the winter sets in, I was hoping that the combination of elements: cold, nude and outside would get their minds jogging giving them a freeing experience. I got this idea from my nephews who I’d reprimanded for doing the very same thing.

I got the ball rolling with the planning, the inviting, the explaining, the getting parties interested and the acquisition of equipment necessary for the job the only thing I had not yet secured was the MONEY. The moolah and this small financial investment of approximately $200.00 was to cater for the cake and to feed my guests.

Now I consider myself a rather good planner… no, actually, a great planner! But even the best laid plans wont work out without cash if finance is required and me being a partially employed individual (I.e. I don’t earn money and have no savings since last year (really its pathetic) I went to the BOP (Bank of Parents) for some funding. Unfortunately the BOP was going through a recession…

I needed a plan B- I’d borrow the money. I looked at the lists of guest made up of exactly 15 people; 1 sibling in school  and heavily financially dependant on my parents, my sisters all partial employees, 3 friends one who is always broke, one who I owe money, the last two… We’re close but newly acquainted, my other brother’s are married and trying to make ends meet or hussling. How was I going to raise that cash? It was a friday and the big day was on Saturday, I waited till the afternoon, I was desperate but I was hopeful, the BOP was going to come through.

At 4pm, I realized that there were no avenues, I was hopeless. even though I managed to raise some money, it was only enough to buy the cake icing and I had to pay it back before Sunday.

There is that moment when the last bit of hope you have in your soul is absorbed by your situation, your flame flickers and dies!!! There is no more hope left in the world and no matter how much I tried to convince myself I had no proof and no plan that I could lay to convince myself that things would work out. I was done for and knowing that this had been the pattern of events in the last year it seemed almost poetic that it should work out that way, like an unpleasant rhyme where the word that keeps repeating rhymes with fail or failure. It was a moment of weakness, broke down accepting defeat, i sent a text and cancelled the party.

On the bright side

The next day, my birthday that fell perfectly on a Saturday was nowhere near a perfect day for me, I woke up upset, puffy eyed and errthing so I decided to make the day as great as I could get it, I got on my bike and rode to my heart’s content, blasting music and singing out loud at 0500 in the morning. then I got home, took a shower and did my hair, perfectly. I noticed a level of hastiness as the family started to make plans to get me out of the house… when all I wanted was to chill at home and watch TV.

I went for one closed art exhibition and one open one with sad artwork, one bridal shower where I was for 5mins the focus of the party I even did a booty dance before finally getting home after 0800pm to… a surprise party!!!

YES!!! a party. My family, came together, stole my phone, texted the lot i’d invited (and uninvited) pooled a little under $120.00 (from them and other parties) and threw me the original version of the party I wanted actually (before I got brave with the streaking) which was a simple sit down and chat with the fam and friends. They even baked me several hundred cupcakes and made me a card.