Oh well, is wedding season again this time the family member lucky enough to get into the nuptials is my eldest sister; after a very long 5 year relationship with the same man and almost marrying him a year earlier the heavens have permitted the nuptials to take place. YAY!!!! What this means however is that being the sister of the bride to be (well one of many sisters) it is my solemn duty to ensure that her dreams come true and the event becomes the magical party she hopes it will be.

A little background on my sister, she is one of those girls who grew up on fantasy, her prayers always involved this hope that the powers that be would grant her wings and a fish tail because she was going to be the first Mermaid fairy god princess. This young lady grew up thinking she would get married in white jean pants and now will NEVER be caught dead in a pair of pants. She watched the first harry Potter and decided that she wanted the ceiling at the wedding, fast forward to today, the wedding is in December and she wants in on the whole planning process and it falls on me as one of the many sisters to make this girls dreams come true.

I am back to planning this party one idea at a time, there are budgets to consider and before we even set a date the girl has a 100pax invitee list consisting of Whom exactly I have yet to discover. Then there are themes and colours to consider, a list of pre-wedding events to happen and so on and so forth. So many things to set up and put into action <sigh> and why is this such a concern to me? why must this event be smooth sailing and perfect? 2 reasons

1. She planned all my birthday parties… all 2 of them

2. She will be planning my wedding

So it is in my best interest to ensure that her big day is a big day worth remembering from the A to Z with each detail perfectly planned and I want a teary eyed thank you at the end of it because I am the perfect sister and this is my payback. Wish me luck