I had the pleasure of meeting an Icon of mine from when i was a child. A tall Spanish man with an interesting accent Named ‘Pedro the music man’ a literary artist and musician, a children’s poem author and the master of many strange old instruments, a Spanish man living in Africa who cannot speak any African languages but can play Spanish guitar, African flute and sing!!!

It hit me like an epiphany the other day that after watching an episode of this iconic show at age ten that i fell in love with the ‘hands on man’. there aren’t any left these days, most guys are PC gurus, everything is computerized from your car, to your fridge to your sex life. no one depends on the good ol fashioned home made or hand made. In fact those are now scarce, so scare that they are extremely expensive. Yet here is this man, standing on the stage with a man made flute, pouring music like honey, sweetness to the ears. he even dared the audience to shut their eyes and listen to him play.

A man who represents a dead or dying breed of men, a lost generation with a skill set few value. I don’t know if anyone else out there sees the vision I am seeing. I am personally a ‘Can do’ type of girl, but every once in a while i want to be the damsel in distress, I want to call the guy and get him to fix the leak or change the bulb because there is just something about the knowledge that you can call on this person that gives you a sense of security.

And don’t get me started on the instrumentals… WHAT!!!

A guy who can play a guitar, a piano, a windpipe, a flute… Music is a catch in my book.

I guess what I am portraying is this: you never know where your ‘likes’ come from; perhaps some aspect or Barney made you love the big cuddly guy or an episode of Biker Mice from Mars made the biker dude the one. Then the possible reason your not finding ‘the one’ is because you knew you wanted Terry Hatcher’s character from ‘Lewis and Clarke‘ but you never really found her and have been dating her look alikes forever. Also its unfortunate that some personality ‘types’ are gone; lost to the ‘new world order’ and perhaps we need to find a suitable alternative or settle for a ‘close enough’ in today’s generation

In the end value those rare… ICONIC moments when you meet with ‘The perfect partner’ whether or not you get to be with them, I did.