I first heard about this movement last year when a local Radio Dj made it his twitter avatar. Curious, I looked it up and saw that Movember was a great initiative to raise awareness for Prostate Cancer. The deal is, Men shave their faces at the beginning of November then grow a ‘Mo’ for a month, taking care to trim and shape the thing while regularly updating people on the progress of their ‘stash’. What’s cool about it is that it beats the usual ‘Ribbon’ or ‘Band’ because in this Mo-vement men show their support on their faces… Literally.

Interestingly many women take part in their own Mo growing, its is not uncommon to find the ladies spotting drawn on, finger pasted or stick-on Mos at the end of the month all in the name of spreading the word and raising awareness. In addition, there is an underground initiative attached to the movement aimed at getting men to change their demeanor somewhat, as they MUST present themselves as ‘Gentlemen’ so to speak (ding ding ding, goes the bells in the minds of people who know that this appeals to me, a whole lot).

Naturally, I could not resist doing my bit so I have started taking pics of myself on a regular basis showing me ‘Growing’ my MO (LOL). And I shall Share these on this blog as the month progresses. I would advise that you get on your local Movember page or site and show your support… here is the link to our local site.


Happy Mo growing!!!

Movember 1st Clean shaven face
Movember 1st Clean shaven face
Movember 2nd Day old Mo
Movember 8th
MOvember 15th
Movember 22nd


Movember 29th The final Mo, the struggle continues