I have been thinking about ‘getting into’ a relationship lately. Its been a while since I had any… attention from the opposite sex. Well, having never actually been in a ‘real’ relationship myself and from what I have seen, there is no real set of rules to follow. Every relationship is like a work of art, unique with its own pros and cons. Every prospect has a history and there in lies my problem. Reality struck when I saw this statement;

You don’t find out why someone was available until it’s too late

That hey actually, YES. Why did the last relationship end?


In the ‘Dating rules’ I have been reading up on (I have no experience to base my approach to dating on) the number one rule while you are on flirting stage of the relationship is: Do not bring up your ex or their ex. Why are you talking about the past with your potential future? Well, I am a practical person and I want to know the prospect before I consider sealing the deal. I don’t want to find myself falling for a person with I don’t know: a baby mama, commitment issues, a violent history, a drinking problem or perhaps a criminal record. Also the ground rules, mine a restricting, what does this prospect expect from me?

I have never understood how anyone person could get comfortable (in any respect) with someone they don’t know. Even in an arranged marriage situation, the couple spends time getting to know each other before any real business can happen.

We do this in business when we make sales, you prospect your potential client then approach them with a proposal. When you do, you know everything there is to know about them so that you can easily and quickly seal the deal with a sale. However if it is a merger, you go even further, you dig deeper, you look at their assets, their financial standing, their organizational culture and you pitch them a win-win proposal that they can’t refuse. So my question is… if you go through great lengths to secure your business interests, why not do the same for your personal ones?