I have a very naive approach to relationships it seems; my vision was to just hold on until the perfect guy cam along. But this one friend of mine said to me that I gotta kiss some frogs before I find a prince.How else will I recognize him?  She has kissed many along the way (something I never wanted), my number is up to two. I though that the older I got, the easier it would be for me to identify the frogs, but it seems the less I try the harder it is.

Case and point, I recently met prince charming (not to be mistaken for handsome prince charming). Charming I guess by the very nature of his appearance has had to master a flattery means to get to women because he is not very good looking. Now I am, it seems a visual creature but this guy got to me on an intellectual level. Fast forward a week and I discover that charming is a ‘ dog in book-worm clothing’ dorky glasses and all, and that the book-worm is actually a butterfly and ENGAGED!!!

I have no idea where the complexities of his relationship are, all I know is that they exist and that they are enough to make him wonder. I thought for a second that I had fallen for a beta but this total alpha has his amo on check and managed to get me to let my guard down. Unfortunately, I had to set the butterfly free because other than the fiance he had no fight in him… for me.

YES this is a contradiction, on the one hand I have no intentions of settling with a cheat, on the other I want a fighter, you know? When I push I expect a  pull, because the pull is the value proposition, in the pull is the message that ‘I care enough for you, to want you in my life‘. There was no way of having this cake and eating it, BUT we could have worked something out or tried.

From Disney’s the Princess and the Frog

Also, it is a bitter pill to swallow realizing that I actually have to kiss these frogs one by one as I find them because any one of them could actually be a prince. Relationships it seems are trial and error, and there is no formula for success, there is just a mixture of inputs, so far I have learned that nerdy or not so good-looking does not mean the guy will DEFINITELY be nice, that an alpha is NOT always built like a Jock and how to trust my instincts, when there is doubt explore the doubt.

Hard but good lessons. Guess i’d better justhave fun kissing frogs for now, so…bring on the frogs