I have been given the auspicious privilege of being the first editor of a sport and fitness magazine, the first of its kind in Botswana (details to follow). So naturally this opportunity to interview one of our featured personas lands on my lap; a man named Gontsi Sechele Botswana’s 4th Mr. Botswana title holder or defending champion for the 3rd time (details in the mag, buy it).

So I get to the gym and I meet this hulk of a man with muscles on his elbows and we proceed to have this fun filled inspiring interview where he tells me interesting facts about himself like how he grew some 3 inches since he started working out, he has lost weight from a good 105kg to 95kg where he wants to be despite of his height and size. We end this interview with his views on the flaws of the inductry in Botswana and where he’d like to see the industry go.

We pack up and he says to us (me and the owner of the mag) ‘hey, let’s get some snaps’ so I thought I was being invited to a photo session with the crew, only I get into the weight room of the gym, wait some 20 minutes for them to lock up and then he starts lifting weights, pumping iron one two quick tricks and I got confused. Like what’s all this for? I thought we were taking pics, and I was told that the idea was to get his muscles popping…so i’m thinking, Muscles popping? what for?

Suddenly this man starts stripping!!! He went from over dressed for the weather to nothing but his bleachers,i blush… and turn away (respectfully). I was about to leave but I am a woman, and a very muscular man is standing in the room in the nude, this means that I get a photo with this man.

So I patiently wait while humbly looking down and sharing a light conversation with another gentleman in my company for my own photo opp with the hulk in the nude. This made the whole experience a whole lot more amusing, entertaining and suddenly I love my new job (ahem, part time job to be secured).

When I left the interview all I kept thinking was, hey… life just got interesting. But I don’t think I will ever forget that awkward moment when… Mr. Botswana stripped.