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No one (worth any credit) has ever hit on me. It has always been the jokester of class, the pimple faced intern at work, the garden boy or the trucker cat calling.

I was at the edge of giving up when like a breath of fresh air, this man made his move. I cannot say for certain what the circumstances were, maybe this too is the brunt of the litter in Canada but he was certainly the higher end man from Africa.  the tall and short of this story is that I left him with no name, no number, no references and I too have nothing to go by to find this guy so, I am writing him a letter on this blog, kind of like a cyber message in the bottle, I wonder if it will reach him… here goes

Dear Random dude from Tim Horton’s

I have been raking my mind about what to do about you since we briefly met at that Tim Horton’s in Canada on the 8th of April 2013 at about 11 am. I was in this fur lined black jacket with the light blue, leopard printed jeans and you were in this thick black coat.

I was struck by the familiarity of your face, it seemed as though we’d met or passed each other perhaps at the mall earlier that day? I cannot say for certain but I can almost bet we’d met before. I would like to apologize for not applying tact when you approached, but whispering in my ear was probably not the best idea, in fact it was borderline creepy. I do not know how you do it in Canada but I think perhaps an excuse ‘me miss’ would have gotten my attention better than your ‘Wanna hit the mall?’ whisper.

I have gone over the scene a million times and I feel that the best thing for me to do would have been to ask for your number, I might have been able to call you. Maybe find you on Facebook? I did try to explain and I am not sure you understood that I was in fact leaving the country at the end of the week, I was not blowing you off; my refusal was purely circumstantial.

I feel you need to know something about me, I have actually just recently recovered from a (not so violent) rape of sorts when a ‘friend’ of mine took advantage of me, I am not completely trusting of mankind, I like to keep a pragmatic approach when dealing with people. I cannot say at this point that our meeting was fate or fated or if I was just saved from you ‘a psychotic serial killer’ I mean why was your face familiar? (I hope, for my sake it’s the former).

I did not know what else to do to reach to you so I have written you this letter, if you find it you will know when and how to respond, if not… it’s in a cyber blog shaped bottle floating in the information highway waiting to dock on your desktop facing perpetuality, cyber storms, floating in the cloud of knowledge and information, being sieved and sipped through several servers awaiting either your or my perfect Mr. Darcy’s response.

I guess what I am saying is that, ‘yes’ I would like to get to know you better if you’re willing to give me another chance (and of course if you are not some psychotic serial killer).

Awaiting your response…