Well that’s that (adopted from http://31.media.tumblr.com)

I really want to get over this other guy and I am taking all the pills available. Today my solution as I wake up is that I will seek a rebound. It helped with my last crush, YES I ended up scarred but I learned a lesson from it.

This time it’s hard, the love is deep and very real, I would rather be his friend then foe, the distance hurts and I can feel it. I want him happy with me but he is happier with someone else, for some reason, I am willing to let that happen. Enter the knight.

I found myself in the middle of an altercation, involving money and the cops; my first instinct is to call THE guy, but he is busy and I promised to leave him alone, so, I call on guy 2. Guy 2 gets nothing but me grieving about the world, I have so many complaints it’s a wonder I am happy or smiling. I tell him about the details of my situation as it unfolds and how it involves the cops. In my head visions of me in cuffs emerge with charges of theft over something that was not even my fault.

He tells me to calm down, I refuse blatantly, someone needs to pay and I am in Diva mode, he offers a solution I had already taken. He calls… that was shocking for me, and resolved (temporarily) the problem. In all of 5 minutes, I find myself problem free and rescued… and smiling. Knight has just saved me and I haven’t even met him yet!!

As I sit and gather my thoughts I wonder: had I spoken to the love of my life, would he have done the same thing? Called and actually gotten me out of trouble or would he, as he usually did, have suggested a series of solutions to apply? I thanked my knight for saving me, for offering me a temporary albeit bad fix that got me screwed over anyway but giving me respite.

So I messaged him, the love of my life and I said ‘I found someone’ and his rather deflated sad response was…’good on ya’.

I am on this tip, he must go, I cant spent another minute of my life loving someone… who just won’t love me. Well, that’s that.