I feel like this guy… stalkerish source: http://www.eastercloset.com/2012/08/the-craziest-dating-stalking-story-ever.html

Every once in a while I meet a person of interest, and things get really interesting then BOOM. they are gone. I find that trying to keep in touch with them seems like a desperate attempt on my part.

I mean if you are not going to make an effort, why should I? next thing I know, I find that my efforts appear to be too one sided and an aversion to me. I think I am guilty of being a stalker.

But I like to apply the 3 attempts rule, after the 3rd trial, I go AWOL. I don’t like thinking of myself in a negative light. It is creepy to think of yourself being stalked, now imagine if you are the one doing the stalking.

I must recover from my need to communicate.