Usually, in the month of November now known famously as Movember thanks to a bunch of creative people in Aussie, men around the world embark on a journey of knowledge, enlightenment and raising awareness by shaving then growing their Mos (Mostasches) in a shapely and well groomed manner wearing their support (so to speak) for Prostate cancer on their faces.

All the projects under the ‘Movember’ name are aimed at raising funds for prostate cancer (usually for the research on, treatment and operations for the less fortunate sufferers). In light of this and I have taken it upon myself to support too, every year since 2011, I have liked the page (insert link here), grown a Mo of my own (figuratively) and now in my 3rd year of support, I am trying another approach to the experiential promotion of awareness.

My mission: ‘Get men to get tested’


Now the fear of the test is this MTV ad, where this old man is bent over a bench getting fingered; this is the unfortunate discouraging factor that gets men literally running away from the Prostate cancer test, fortunately, this is not the true nature of the test; in fact it is the final last test one has to take just before operation.

A prostate cancer test is actually a blood test, and which man out there is afraid of a little…erm, pric?


To get you to feel what prostate cancer is like, consider the positioning of the prostate in relation to your bladder: right around the muscle that relaxes when you pee.

Prostate: Image adopted from online

Step 1. Hold up your left hand to about eye level, join your index finger and thumb forming an upside down teardrop shape. This represents your bladder.

Step 1. Create the 'bladder with your fingers
Step 1. Create the ‘bladder with your fingers

Opening and closing the fingers represents the movements of the muscle when your pee.

Step 2. With your right hand, create a loop around the tear dropped left hand, this represents the prostate. Squeeze the fingers of the left hand, with the ones on the right hand, this represents the nature of the prostate when there is a tumor, this limits the elastic nature of the prostate and constricts the bladder when you pee.



Now imagine that this is the sensation you get early in the morning when you wake up for your morning pee, post water drinking and after a cup of coffee or when you want to have sex (remembering that the prostate is required for the production of the fluid that combines with semen to help neutralize the acidic environment of the vagina).

Imagine you stand in the loo and tiny drops of pee struggle to leave your stressed out bladder in danger of forming stones for not releasing urine on time, imagine being constantly in need of the bathroom, never fully emptying that bladder, always in pain…

Now go, get tested