Get men to get tested

Mo Bros and Mo Sisters around the world have taken that first step towards raising awareness about Prostate cancer. In keeping with the theme of ‘Changing the face of men’s health’ the men are wearing their support through well groomed Mos and the Mo Sistas stand behind them encouraging them along and raising funds through projects like these Christopher Martin’s My Mo Space.

But (as there is always a big but) you may be asking (sceptically) where the money is going, the Mo Bros in Aussie have all of that sorted (learn more here) and as if that was not enough, they went on to share their balance sheet here and here just so that you may understand even better HOW they use the money YOU have worked so hard for… and donated.

Now, to remind you of WHY we are doing this, check out my previous blog on the matter.

So no matter where you are in the world, do your bit Mo Bro and Mo Sista. And remember my mission is to ‘Get more men, to get tested’

Here are some links where you too can show your support.