I have a weakness, a style impediment if you would, I love me a well dressed man but I cannot dress one. Men are just either gifted in fashion or not. I cant tell what is going on that way. I can judge from okay to noway, but to take the canvas of a man and say ‘hey guy, put this on’ I just cant envision it.

While editing for a Sports and fitness magazine, a stylist showed me that I had that handicap and I felt that as a woman, I had failed myself by being unable to direct the way a man should dress, BUT, in the name of #Movember I must “move” on.

Where I have no skills I have innovation, I have ideas and I have a solution for my style disability.

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’


Below Gents (and ladies, there is a lil something for you too), a style guide and some mos for the bros.


So ladies, dress your man, take him to get tested then take this HOT brave soul out to dinner


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