Gaia’s revenge: adopted from

The number one rule of nature is kill or be killed. Having gone through evolution and mass extinction at least twice in its history and having survived many nuclear level blasts from outer space millions of years ago; do you not think it strange that now; with what scientists are calling ‘Global warming’ the planet is barely surviving the pressures of the sudden changes brought on my human technological advances for the last 100 years.

While we make changes to improve our lives, make food cook faster, travel shorter, communication easier and life better, the world crumbles under the pressures of our influence. We sit and think we live on it, tiny bacteria that we are, parasites as it were because we take so much from earth and give her little to nothing in return.  Instead we eat and eat and eat and kill her.

Earth has had enough and is fighting back; when scientists started to report global warming, they were not thinking about the big picture of a ‘microwave type, global level disaster brought on by the damaging rays of the sun on our skin killing us slowly with cancer, I think they were referring to earths self preservation mechanism that dictates the basic survival tactic of nature; Kill or be killed.

Having stabbed, raped and robbed her leaving her damaged and sore from our existence, the earth is tired and is fighting back; she is unleashing all her ammunition in other forms beyond the damaging rays of the sun; her sole source of nourishment, her friend but not her body.

No, earth is not that predictable, her ammunition is micro organisms; bacteria, viruses and fungi. She is unleashing all manner of germs on us; and it is slowly but surely destroying our very make up, changing the way the trees work, infecting the water that we drink, and transforming virus to make them able to attack us. That is her game plan and the more we hurt her the harder she attacks.

We have become weak; immunology shows that we are being exposed to more bacteria today than ever before because we are unearthing them while mining minerals, oil and coal. Our processes are unleashing her ammunition and our damages are affecting the atmosphere making it even more conducive for these microbes to attack. It is time to take a step back and realize that we really are the problem and we need to stop.

Earth is not dying, we are. And very soon, if we do not make some changes; there will be a biological warfare unearthed by the planet, resulting in mass human extinction from every form of animal virus out there through zoonosis, plants will start producing toxic gas and we, earth’s infection will die.