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The God the business, is the technical term I have given to any money making activity involving God as the main inspiration behind any monitory collections. Where the venture is a church, the collections are penance and the benefactor is the congregation, the person seen to be benefiting the most is the minister/ priest. This phenomenon has taken the world by storm in recent years because the big names is the God business have been African, years after church networks like Rhema established themselves, set up TV networks, sold tickets to their conferences and operated internationally sudden attention and caution is being given to the public about the rise of evangelical churches. The problem being that the priests of these churches are being seen sparing no expense on their jets and fancy homes, the clothes and jewelry they drape themselves in. No one is noticing the expenses being spent on the systems, projectors, mics and pa systems, decoration and promotion to these events. There are many ways to scrutinize the “God business’ one way (at least in my opinion) it to consider why it makes so much money. Could it be that the divinity being exploited in sharing and spreading the word of god making the earnings ‘Holy’ so to speak makes earning money very easy? Have you considered the difficulties experienced in a normal business venture; costs associated with starting, setting up, running, maintaining and giving a business its life compared to that of a church whose members are self appointed, whose needs are not physical, who will promote and recruit for you in the name of spreading divinity, all you have to do is give the word of God? Don’t you think that there are applications outside of church or that there is the possibility of applying a similar inspiration to your business, perhaps if God is your mission or one your missions than perhaps you too will soon settle into the leather covered seats of your own private jet engine flying ‘Close to God’? This is a point to consider, I have nothing against the church, churches or any other business that involves the spread of the word of God in the name of making some profits, so long as the exploitation is of the inspiration for the greater good as opposed to the exploitation of the people, a people in need of your guidance (cc Grass pastor and Holy Milk Pastor in Brazil). God is not to be tempered with.

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