Dear all

Its time to put this all behind me, I get it. People are afraid of me, of who I am and of what Ii appear to be. I have been afraid of this image for a while. The above; bossy, un-approachable, domineering have all been used to describe me; have been used to explain why iIam single, have been used to attack me, have been used to ask me to change.

To be submissive, to be approachable, to be a softer woman. Well this is what I say, screw all that!

YES!!!!!!! adopted from:

I am who I am, I have been bossy my whole life; bossy because I have been highly opinionated, I don’t hide I share, I have always shared. I have always spoken my mind and told people what I thought. I stepped back and tried in vain to accommodate people’s small egos at the expense of my own, I do not care and I will no longer apply this.

hmmm let me think ‘I am pushy and scary and un-approachable?’, this is weird; I have friends, best friends, acquiescences and every once in a while someone (not always decent) hits on me. This is a sign that there is nothing wrong with me. In fact, if you feel that I am un-approachable, scary or weird, please and kindly keep away. I thank you for saving me from your small ego and having to deal with you.

No I will not submit to you or your will, I will not succumb to your pressure, if I do not like you or what you are doing or suggesting I do than, well suck it or leave. If you cant stand the heat get the hell out of my Africa.

I refuse to budge or change for anyone who is too small and scared of me. I deserve the best and if you are not it, I am not missing out on anything. and if you cant deal then tough titi

There is no way, that I will put myself under a person who cannot appreciate ALL of me. And for the rest, well, I am not any of the above; I am a hard working, Authoritative, ambitious, dreamer, romantic, feminine, strong, woman and a hell of a whole lot to deal with.