Blind date 😛 image adopted from:

So after months of being painfully in ‘Love’ or lust (I don’t really know what my heart wants) I have decided to put my emotions aside. Now when I feel like it, I will tell that man how I feel about him. It is easier. However to move on, I have decided to take the bull by the horns and go dating. BLind dating.

I do not know any of the rules of engagement but I guess its like everything else you start, you just wing it. There cant possibly any rules outside

a. be yourself,

b. be comfortable and

c. enjoy the ride.

This decision is based on some sound advice given to me by a friend of my sisters, a happily married woman, comfortable in her skin, jovial, young, youthful and a mother of 5 girls. (she knows). she says to me: kiss the man and get it over with, what do i have to lose. and when i expressed that i cannot just do that and about how lonely I was because there are no men. she soundly said: ‘You have to find a guy, before you find a man’ and so. This starts the new chapter of my life.

The dating game.

wish me luck