Chris Pine

So apparently when you Google the above you get: Chris Pine. If you don’t know Chris Pine (like I embarrassingly did not) The man played Kirk in the recent Star Trek, Nicholas Devereaux in the Princess Diaries and was the voice of Jack Frost in The Rise of the Guardians. What is the significance of the above?

Simply, the man of my dreams IS Chris Pine. Incidentally, if he wears spectacles  and has a sense of humour, he shares ALL the traits of the men I have had some serious crushes on since I started having crushes. He has a degree in English and a then went back to study American Conservatory Theatre. He even considers himself Agnostic, I like that.

Chris Pine has blue eyes, I do not like blue eyes, BUT I place an exception to the rule when the owner is Chris Pine or Willy Monfret an internationally recognized House Dj and Model.

I love beards on a man and Chris wears his well, just like all the other men i have liked in my day. The dorky specs help sell him too, just like this one guy from years yonder. Long since forgotten.

If I dated Chris Pine, the English Major, id learn some new words. English words and impress people with my new high end English. I would dress like a red carpet goddess every time we made an appearance somewhere public or just be plain HOT. I would travel the world on random holidays and be in the media. People would know my name.

What this tells me though is that in order to find my ‘Chris Pine’ I need to be Iris Bjork, a beauty queen who likes selfies and cocktails…wait a minute! I just embarked on a 365 day selfie project! YES!

Ok so I do not do cocktails BUT I love the odd flavoured late. I am not Ice-Landic BUT I am  an exotic mix of genes from East Africa. the outlook is positive, the only ingredient missing is to be where MY Chris Pine is. America? England, New Zealand or Ice Land. My gosh, I just got a new passport let me pack my bags.

Chris Pine