Teaching is a respectable profession and teachers are revered, in fact of all the professions THIS one is guaranteed to send you to heaven. Like mothering and parenting, teaching is the profession most ‘preachers’ (ahem, another word for teacher) would aspire their congregation to be. So one can imagine how much i hate that myth grade teacher is probably set with a one way ticket to heavens gate.

Evil Teacher- No she looked nothing like this.

The woman was a crude, shrude, idiocentric, xenophobic monster who swore openly to a class of  9 and 10 year olds. She tormented my very soul and made me feel worthless, useless ugly and stupid. She had no remorse for telling my parents that I was half witted and did not have the mental know how to compete in a class of semi intelligent average beings and spoke ill of me to my class mates behind my back.

She nurtured the bitter hatred for me among my classmates and turned almost the entire population of the class against me. Had it not been for the other girl she hated, I may have perused through primary school alone, with no friends and no one to aid me through the hatred I was given with no behind information from my classmates as to why she despised me.

She alone was the start of my downfall, my low self esteem, my loneliness and the bitter resentment I felt towards my social arena. And whats worse is that hating her is equally a testament to her that she had as much an effect on me and my life as any other positive element that may have steered me here. I must in fact give her credit for it. URGH I just hate that no matter what I do, she will actually claim some credit to my success and should I fail I will simply fall into the failure bracket that she puts me in, Forever winning.

But alas, she is not the sole bane of my existence, I hate my pre-school teacher. This racist, vile human being who turned the entire unforgiving pre-school class of students against me, stuck me with a nick name and made me the laughing stock of the school. She is the birth of many lonely days and the sole reason behind my recluse behaviour. Yes, I avoid those I fear dislike me because she said it was not ok to mix and mingle with the ‘Cool’.

Gosh, if I had a say, I would write a very long angry letter to the maker asking him to bar these 2  from the pearly gates at the end of days, to have them judged harshly and sent to hell but alas, the maker has made room for them somewhere close because it is in moulding the minds of the youth that you earn his true pleasure. What better way to make mankind, to fashion the future than to teach?

And wishing them ill just earns me some stones in the hell fire. I Must be better and forgive and grow. Ogh!