I have often wondered why couples break up. If you loved someone so damned much why should a minor miss-communication error ever affect HOW you interact with the love of your life. Why can’t talking it over work all the time? It is because of a small error message called interpretation.

Ambiguous-ness in language makes any one line have several meanings. And the very upbringing of people either taking things literally or not will make communication all the more difficult. I take my notes from 50Cent, a mad rapper from the streets who published a book on strategy with a strategy Guru having read his work (much respect). The man believes that behind every response, and every decision there is a lurking reason. One must decipher this influence to truly understand where a person is coming from.

One of the best ways to do this is to ask loads and loads of questions. BUT as it were humans are not that simple. They may take to the overload of questioning in a negative light. There is therefore a need to strike a balance.

Communication is not my best trait or it is this is why I lack so much in it. I know that to form a bond, humans depend on touch, to close that bond, humans must touch each other higher up the arm and closer to the body. To inform that a person is listening, a human must mimic behavior subtly. To show interest a human must make a sound of acknowledgement or nod in agreement. yet these are the very none verbal queues I actively omit in my communication. Weird enough to make it understood that I have no intentions of becoming close to this new person from the onset.

One must learn another human before becoming ‘Close’. This is simply why my communication fails. That and my propensity to over think and over analyse words. Don’t fall into this trap. Learn, live, love