Had a vision the other day of a conversation between myself and the almighty. we were walking through Eden and talking about sex. I had died. And he asked why I never lived. and the convo went like this:

Me: Erm, I dont know, too many restrictions trying to keep on the path i Guess

God: what path?

Me: you know, prayer, eating well, staying healthy, avoiding sex etc

God: oh and what would you have done different?

Me: had more sex

God: so why didn’t you?

Me: Because you said it was not allowed

God: No, I did not? My only requirement was worship. Do not blaspheme, don’t assign partners to me. I said nothing about sex.

Me: What! your telling me this now? There were so many times, so many guys, so many situations I would have LOVED to exploit

God: aha?

Me: (rambling on as i do) I could have Lived!!!

God: Tell me, how many guys would you have slept with?

Me: I can count 10, some cause I liked them, some just for fun

God: And who were these guys to you?

Me: Well…, they….hmmm. They never really liked me per se. I mean I see them wanting the situation but, they never called. In fact, actually, had I had sex with them, I would have had sex with at least 10 guys and NEVER ended up with any of them (Oo)

At this point, God starts whistling a tune and sniffing the flowers. On his look the good ol’ ‘I told you so’.