Feeling AWEH!

I do not like reading poetry, I think its lame all the same, I like it when the messages are simple, easy and clear.

The otherday on a selfie mission I took a rather intrepid move to get one with a former love of my life. But on that day, this is what happened:

“The sun rose just right on the east

The weather, a reflection of my feelings, warm and cool and fleeting, light rain drops on the ground, cloud cover all around

The clock ticked at just the right pace, not too slow, not too fast a clear reflection of the beating of my heart

I floated the morning over, dressed with delight, and tried to hide the excitement with all my might

Went to work with good intention but sat dazed staring at the screen upon which was my reflection

The alarm rang, my heart sang, it was time to see you: to the car I ran

This was planned out just right, in a moments notice I would have you in sight, fighting with the very core of my being from seeming too excited and keep you from fleeing

There you were, 20-minutes late a time lapse I hardly noticed, for today our meeting would seal my fate.

I had you to myself for all of 5 minutes but it could be a day

Click click the moments went away and when I left I swear it, so did the day

I forgot my place and the time of day, that work was in the future and that you were in the past. My heart was happy my ears were closed and the inevitable was at bay.

Today, I had an awesome day.”


SMH. I started thinking in poetry…