Vacation from marriage, a great movie with an interesting plot

So… I finally met someone.

I wonder why I ever ranted about relationships, they are very much over rated. Having someone in your life is far more taxing then being alone. You HAVE to stay in touch (an expense), meet each other often (an expense and a strain), cater for each other’s needs (an emotional task) and the worst part… COMPROMISE.

I haven’t touched on issues of ‘feeling’ in adequate, incomplete, confused, lost, or pressured. Why bother, how about dealing with conflicts, unlike with your ‘friends, whom you tread carefully with or know that eventually you will overcome the differences’ with your ‘partner’ you have to consider their ‘Feelings’.

The whole IDEA is a farce. The salacious sale of happiness portrayed by coyly smiling couples you see in the streets is just a facade for the turmoil humans in relationships undergo JUST to keep things together.

Case and point, my beau: He comes in with this great idea that we could be together  calmly as there are so many issues with this relationship already. I wasn’t thinking forever, but he was. And when he said it I was taken aback. Now I have to think… forever, with you?

I figured that he might have felt the pressure of ‘forever’ because I refused to relinquish certain liberties to him for religious and self preservation reasons. I let him let his mind race, I was trying to settle on the idea that I had someone in the first place, yet he was in the ‘marriage corner’.

All of a sudden, he is overwhelmed with the pending responsibilities of having to take care of me, pay the rent, buy the food and cater for our unborn ‘children’. So he asked for a ‘break’ to think things through…

DUDE, when did we decide to get married exactly? Was there a proposal that I missed? I recall a conversation about the IDEA but never a resolution to go through with it. I am now stuck trying to decide if I want to continue this relationship that is bulleting into marriage faster than I can say ‘I have a man’ or to quit now while we are on ‘Break’ literally 8 weeks into it.

Also what is he saying? IF we were married and were met with a sudden emotional affliction would we take a ‘break’ then? SMH, REALLY?!!